Rideshare EQUIPMENT:

Window Tinting , Approved Cameras , Electrical work Extra USB ports


Ridesharing InService Vehicle Maintenance Standards. Rideshare EQUIPMENT

Definitions Act (the)means the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act. ADR means the Australian Design Rules for road vehicles.

Advertising / Advertisement means any advertisement, statement or representation of any kind displayed on or in a ride sharing vehicle, such as lettering, maps, plans, drawings or pictorial images and includes bumper stickers.

ARR means the Australian Road Rules as contained under the NT Traffic Regulations.

Approved means approved in writing by the Director. Australian Standards means documents that are published by the Standards Australia organization which set out specifications and procedures.

Authorized Inspector means a person appointed under the Motor Vehicles Act and approved by the Director to carry out inspections on a class or classes of commercial passenger vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle License (CVL)means a license to operate a commercial passenger vehicle which has been issued by the Director under the relevant section of the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act.

Decal means a sticker or design transfer (whether decorative or otherwise), which can be attached to the vehicle either directly or via magnetic backing.Director means the Director of Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport appointed under Section 5(1) of the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act.

Inservice means a motor vehicle that is registered under the Motor Vehicles Act and is endorsed against a license that is granted or renewed under the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act.

Inspector means a person appointed or declared as such under section 64 of the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act.Luggage means any container for a person’s belongings or any individual item.

Modified means any modification, change or alteration to a vehicle from the original manufactured condition.

Multiple Purpose Vehicle (MPV) means a vehicle which has been modified or constructed for the carriage of persons traveling in a wheelchair, and which has been approved for use as an MPV.

NT means the Northern Territory of Australia.Operate in relation to a commercial passenger vehicle means to drive or use, or to cause or employ another person to drive or use, a vehicle to carry passengers for hire or reward, other than only in the capacity of an employee or volunteer.

Registrar means the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and has the same meaning as that defined in the Motor Vehicles Act.Regulations means any regulations made under the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act that are applicable to operating ridesharing vehicles for hire or reward in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Ridesharing InService Vehicle Maintenance Standards

Ride share Vehicle means a motor vehicle that:(a)is capable of undertaking hirings arranged through a communications or dispatch network approved by the Director under section 71 of the Act in exchange for a fare derived through an algorithm or pricing structure not limited by period of time taken or distance traveled; and(b)is declared under section 3 of the Act to be a special passenger vehicle or is a vehicle of a class that is declared to be special passenger vehicles.A motor vehicle mentioned above is not a ride share vehicle when it is being used as a private vehicle and is unavailable for hire.

Ride share Driver means a person who makes a ride share vehicle driven by the person available for a ride share journey.

Roadworthy means a standard determined by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for a vehicle to be registered as outlined in the “Northern Territory Inspection Manuals for Light and Heavy Vehicles”.

Tyre Placard means a plate (or decal) affixed to the vehicle by the manufacturer and which provides specifications / dimensions of the wheels and tyres which may be fitted to the vehicle.