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Equipment / signage braille and tactile taxi signs.

Vehicles providing unbooked services (taxis) require.

  • a fare calculation device (taximeter).
  • a CPVV approved security camera (metropolitan/urban/large regional only).
  • tactile signs fitted next to door handles.
  • electronic payment terminal (for MPTP transactions).
  • taxi number plates (issued by VicRoads).
  • security camera labels (inside/outside) if applicable.
  • fare information (inside/outside).

You can download the fare labels for unbooked services from CPVV website. Please visit commercial passenger vehicle website. click here. Get your Taxi Braille Tactile Numbering Form Taxi Hire Services Please Contact Us .

Vehicle owners and booking service providers must understand and meet their obligations under the regulations and the Act. To view the regulations and the Act visit the acts and regulations page.

The Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 (Paragraph 17.7) state that “raised taxi registration numbers must be placed on the exterior of passenger doors (of taxis) forward of the door handle” High-quality braille and tactile passenger door signs for visually impaired passengers on all Australian Taxi Cabs and Ride Sharing Fleets.